Policyholder User

The policyholder user enable to link user to policy holders, in addition to the policyholder portal right that enable to have user having access to only some policyholder


User and Policyholder must be created before


All functionality for use with the administration of policyholder users can be found under the main menu Administration, sub menu Policyholder Users.


Img. 133 Navigation Policyholder User

Clicking on the sub menu Policyholder Users re-directs the current user to the Find contract Page.


Img. 134 Search Policyholder User

Search Page

  1. Search criteria

    • User: opeimin user
    • PolicyHolder
    • Date valid from/to
    • Show deleted
  2. results

    the columns name definiction matches with the search criteria definitions

    the rows are the search results

    • Edit policyholder

      as doubleclick on the line, clicking on that button will open the edit popup


      Img. 135 Edit Policyholder User

    • Delete policyhodler

      Confirmation pop up is displayed

    • duplicate

      a creation popup will be displayed

  3. create policyholder user button

    a creation popup will be displayed