Function Acquire

The function Acquire is navigated to by clicking on the menu item Acquire in the main menu. The function Acquire allows to take a photo of an insuree and to save the photo for subsequent assignment to the data on the insuree. The Acquire Page appears immediately:


Image 1.3.1 (Acquire Page)

  • Insurance Number
Either type in the insurance number of the insuree for whom a photo should be taken or obtain the insurance number by scanning of a QR code by clicking on the QR button.

Click on the icon Photo for taking a photo in left bottom corner of the page. The Photo Page appears.


Image 1.3.2 (Photo Page)

Subsequently click on the button Photo for taking and the icon Checkfor accepting of the taken photo. Finally click on button Submit on to the Acquire Page save the acquired photo for further processing in the application.

Click on the icon <- in the upper part of the Acquire Page to return to the Home Page.