Function Feedback

The function Feedback is navigated to by clicking on the menu item Feedback in the main menu. The function Feedback allows getting of prompts for feedbacks on claims from the web IMIS and saving (posting) of feedbacks. A user must have a valid User Name and Password provided by an administrator of the web IMIS with an assigned role incorporating an access to the functionality Claims/Claim/Feedback as an access to the functionality Renew is guarded by the Login Page .

The Feedbacks Page appears after selecting Feedbacks in the main menu.


Image 1.8.1 (Feedbacks Page)

Swapping around the Feedbacks Page leads to the Login Page and after a successful login shows feedback prompts transferred from the web IMIS.


Image 1.8.2 (Feedbacks Page-Login Page)

The Feedbacks Page with prompts for acquiring feedbacks appears after the swap and the successful login.


Image 1.8.3 (Feedbacks Page with displayed prompts)

The list of prompts can be temporarily reduced by entering a string in the Search field. Each feedback prompt contains the following data items:

  • Insurance Number
The insurance number of a patient.
  • Name and Other Names
The full name of the patient.
  • Code and Name of Health Facility
The identification of a health facility that provided health care for which the feedback is asked.
  • Code of Claim
The identification of a claim for which the feedback is asked.
  • Period
The period in which health care was provided.

Clicking on a selected prompt results in displaying of the Feedback Page.


Image 1.8.4 (Feedback Page)

The following data fields are displayed:

  • Enrolment Officer Code
The read-only data field. The code of the enrolment officer giving the feedback. The data field is populated by the code of the enrolment officer that launched the application.
  • Code of Claim
The read-only data field. The identification of a claim for which the feedback is asked.
  • Insurance Number
The read-only data field. The insurance number of the patient of a claim from whom the feedback is asked for.
  • Feedback Questions
    • Have you been teated at the health facility on the said date?
    • Have you been asked for a payment to the health facility or staff?
    • Have been drugs prescribed to you?
    • Did you get drugs from the health facility?

Check the box either Yes or No.

  • Overall Satisfaction Scale
Rate by clicking on an appropriate asterisk.

Click on the button Save to save (post) the feedback data for the claim into the memory of the device. Subsequently it can be uploaded to the web IMIS by the function Synchronize. The Feedbacks Page is displayed after saving with the prompt just saved being removed.

Click on the icon <- in the upper part of the Feedbacks Page to return to the Home Page .