Contribution distribution report

The report provides proportional amount of actually paid contributions allocated by openIMIS to specific months according to insurance products. The report can be run by users with the system role Accountant or with a role including an access to Tools/Reports/Contribution Distribution. This report shows the information about the Total collection, Allocated amount and Not allocated amount for contributions in the specified period.

  1. Parameters for selection for the report:


    Img. 255 Image 210 - Contribution Distribution Report Criteria

  2. Input parameters of the report:

  • Month– the period in which contributions took place
  • Year - the period in which contributions took place – mandatory
  • Region – region of activity of enrolment officers
  • District - District of activity of enrolment officers
  • Insurance Product – the drop down list with available insurance products for the district according to standard IMIS rules - mandatory
  1. The title of the report
See Input paramaters
  1. Content of the report
  • Code
  • Name,
  • Month
  • Collection
  • Allocated amount is the proportionally calculated amounts of contributions paid covering the month. Not Allocated amount is the amount collected for contributions that have a start date in the future (after the month in question). (Image 230)
Not Allocated
  1. Example

Img. 256 Image 230 - Preview – Contribution Distribution Report