Insurees without photosΒΆ

The report lists all insurees according to enrolment officers that have not assigned a photo. The report can be run by users with thesystem role Accountant or with a role including an access to Tools/Reports/Insurees without Photos. (Image 234)

  1. Parameters for selection for the report:


    Img. 268 Image 214 - Insurees without photos Report Criteria

  2. Input parameters of the report:

  • Region – the region that should be included
  • District – the district that should be included
  • Enrolment officer
  1. The title of the report
See Input paramaters
  1. Content of the report

This report is sorted by District / Enrolment office / Municipality / Village

  • Insurance number
  • Last name of the insuree
  • Other names of the Insuree
  • Gender
  • is head of the family
  1. Example

Img. 269 Image 234 - Preview – Insurees without photos