Payment category overview

The report provides split of total contributions according to their categories. The report can be run by users with the system role Accountant or with a role including an access to Tools/Reports/Payment Category Overview. Contributions are assigned to the specified period according to actual payment date. (Image 237)

  1. Parameters for selection for the report:

Img. 270 Image 215 - Payment Category Overview Report Criteria

  1. Input parameters of the report:
  • Date From - first payment date to be considered in the report Mandatory
  • Date To - last payment date to be considered in the report Mandatory
  • Region - the region that should be included
  • District - the district that should be included
  • Insurance product (the code and the name)-if it was entered
  1. The title of the report
See Input paramaters
  1. Content of the report

This report is sorted per district

  • Code of the insurance product
  • Name of the insurance product
  • Registration Fee
  • Assembly Fee
  • Contribution
  • Photo Fee
  1. Example

Img. 271 Image 237 - Preview – Payment Category Overview