Capitation Payment Report

The report lists capitation payments for all health facilities specified in the capitation formula for specified month and for given insurance product. The report can be run by users with the system role Accountant or with a role including an access to Tools/Reports/Capitation Payment. (Image 242)
  1. Parameters for selection for the report:


    Img. 277 Image 222 Capitation Payment Report Criteria

  2. Input parameters of the report:

  • Month– the period of the report
  • Year - the period of the report – mandatory
  • Region – region of activity of enrolment officers mandatory
  • District - region of activity of enrolment officers
  • Insurance Product – the drop down list with available insurance products for the district according to standard IMIS rules - mandatory
  1. The title of the report
See Input paramaters
  1. Content of the report
  • HF Code
  • HF Name
  • Account Code
  • Population
  • Number of Families
  • Number of Insured Population
  • Number of Insured Families
  • Number of Claims
  • Adjusted Amount
  • Capitation Payment
  1. Example

Img. 278 Image 242 - Preview –Capitation Payment Report