Reset Forgotten Password

When a password is forgotten, clicking Forgot Password? on the login screen (Login) results in the opening of the Forgot Password page (Forgotten password image).


Img. 3 Image - Forgot Password Page

  1. Enter the User Name linked to the account
  2. Enter the New Password. In some browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer) it is possible to display the password entered by clicking on the eye in the right part of the password text box (New password displayed image).

Img. 4 Image - new password displayed

  1. Click on the Submit button. In case the User Name coincides with an user in the register of users, an e-mail will be sent to confirm the password change.(New password confirmation sent image).

Img. 5 Image - New password confirmation sent

  1. Check the user’s inbox and click on Confirm password link inside the received email with the subject IMIS Password Request then re-enter the data of the steps 1 & 2 (New password confirmation image).

Img. 6 Image - New password confirmation

  1. Once the confirmation is submitted, the new credentials can be used in the Login page.