User activity reportΒΆ

The report shows activities of users according to types of activities and types of entities to which the activities relate. The report can be run by users with system role IMIS Administrator or with a role including an access to Tools/Reports/User Activity. (Image 231)
  1. Parameters for selection for the report:

Img. 285 Image 211 - User Activity Report Criteria

  1. Input parameters of the report:
  • Date From - first Activity date to be considered in the report
  • Date To - last Activity date to be considered in the report
  • User – User doing the activity
  • Action - type of activity (Login/Logout/Insert/Modify/Delete)
  • Entity – Entity concerned by the Activity
  1. The title of the report
See Input paramaters
  1. Content of the report
  • Record Type (see Action in input parameters) e.g Login
  • Action Type, detailed actions e.g. Login Input
  • Record Identity, Entity modified
  • Action Time
  1. Example

Img. 286 Image 231 - Preview – User Activity Report