Windows services installation guide

v1.2.0 and later

Install and configure openIMIS Policy Renewal service

To install the Policy Renewal service, proceed as follow:

  • Download and unzip the installation setup from
  • Double click on the setup file
  • Select the installation path (for example C:\Program Files\openIMIS\Windows Services), and click Next
  • Then close after the installation completes
  • The service should start automatically as indicated in the system tray. If not, browse to Programs menu and search for “IMIS Policy Renewal” (PolicyRenewalController.exe) and execute it.
To configure the Policy Renewal service, right click on the service controller

application in the system tray, select Settings, and fill in the settings as follows for example:

  • Server: TPH-L14005\SQLEXPRESS (server instance name)
  • Database: IMIS (IMIS database name)
  • User Name: ImisUser
  • Password: **********
  • Time : 00:00
  • Interval: 24
  • Click on Apply. This will run a backup daily at midnight.

Install and configure openIMIS Backup service

Install and configure openIMIS Feedback Prompt service

Troubleshooting Windows Services

An error message may appear after the services started, saying that the service failed. In this case, restart it as a Local System service:

  • Open the Windows Services manager
  • Locate the service that failed
  • Right click on it and select Properties → Log on tab
  • Select Local System account