Insuree Enquiry

This functionality is available to all system roles or with a role including an access to Insurees and Families/Insuree/Enquiry. The function Insuree Enquiry can be accessed at any time, after login. On the top right hand of the main menu, there is a search feature, allowing the user to enter an Insurance Number for a “quick enquiry”.


Image 87 - Insuree Enquiry Field

By typing in a valid insurance­­­­­­­ number and pressing the enter key or clicking on the green search button, a pop-up will appear (Image 87), providing a photo of the insuree and information about the current policy or policies covering of the insuree.

The Information includes the following:

  • The photo of the insuree
  • The name, date of birth and gender of the insuree
  • The (insurance) product code, product name and expiry date of a policy
  • The status (I for Idle, A for Active, S for Suspended and E for Expired) of the policy at the time of inquiring
  • The deductible amount remaining for the insuree to pay before the policy is claimable, for hospitals and non-hospitals
  • The ceiling amount claimable by a health facility on behalf of the insuree for both hospitals and non-hospitals.
  • Age of the insuree
  • First Service Point (FSP) of the insuree
    • Region of FSP
    • District of FSP
    • Level of FSP

Image - Insuree Enquiry Results