Function Synchronize

The function Synchronize is navigated to by clicking on the menu item Synchronize in the main menu. The function Synchronize uploads posted enrolments/renewals/feedbacks to the web IMIS. For on-line uploading a user must have a valid User Name and Password provided by an administrator of the web IMIS with an assigned role incorporating an access to the functionality Insurees and Familiies/Family +Insuree+Policy+Contribution/Add+Edit as an access to the functionality Synchronize is guarded by the Login Page for on-line uploads.

The Synchronize Page appears immediately:


Image 1.10.1 (Synchronize Page)

Clicking on any of the buttons Upload Enrolments, Upload Renewals, Upload Feedbacks the Login Page appears.


Image 1.10.2 (Synchronize Page – Login Page)

If the application successfully logs in the Synchronize Page appears again with the following buttons:

  • Upload Enrolments
Uploads all enrolments including policies/contributions that haven’t been uploaded yet. It is required that each uploaded insuree has to have a foto associated with him/her.
  • Upload Renewals
Uploads all renewals that haven’t been uploaded yet.
  • Upload Feedbacks
Uploads all feedbacks that haven’t been uploaded yet.
  • Download Master
Updates the master data in the device from the web IMIS. This update doesn’t require a login; nevertheless after the update entering of the enrolment officer code is required.

Another buttons in the Synchronize Page relate to the off-line mode of the application and they are described elsewhere.