Contribution Plan Bundle

The goal of the contribution plans bundle (CPB) is the group several contribution plan to build a standard offering for a bundle of product

the goal is to ease enrollement of conplex offerings where it would be easy otherwise for the user to mkae a misstake

The Contribution plan bundle is linked to Contribution plans


Product must be created


All functionality for use with the administration of Contribution plan bundle can be found under the main menu Administration, sub menu Contribution plan bundle.


Img. 118 Navigation Contribution plan bundle

Clicking on the sub menu Contribution plan bundle re-directs the current user to the Find contract Page.


Img. 119 Search Contribution plan bundle

Search Page

  1. Search criteria

    • Code: code of Contribution plan bundle
    • Name: name of Contribution plan bundle
    • Calculation rule: rule part of a contribution plan
    • Insurance product: insurance product of a contribution plan
    • Date valid from/to: period on which the Contribution plan bundle is valid
    • Periodicity: periodicity of the Contribution plan bundle plan in months
    • Show deleted
  2. results

    the columns name definiction matches with the search criteria definitions:

    the rows are the search results

    • Edit Contribution plan bundle

      Doubleclick on the line or clicking on the edit button will open the edit page


      Img. 120 EditContribution plan bundle

      “Create New Contribution Plan” button can add a new link between the bundle and a contribution plan

      create popup will be displayed

      Edit button

      edit popup will be displayed

      delete button

      confirmation popup will be displayed

      replace button

      replace popup will be displayed, the old link will have the validity to updated to the validiy from of the new link

    • Delete

      Confirmation pop up is displayed

    • duplicate

      a creation popup will be displayed

  3. create Contribution plan bundle button

    a creation popup will be displayed