1. Open the SQL Server Management studio and restore the database IMIS_DW.

    Close the SQL server management studio

  2. Click the windows start button, search for the Deployment Wizard. Click the Deployment wizard icon(Image - SSAS deployment wizard, Launch wizard).


    Image - SSAS deployment wizard, Launch wizard

  3. Click next to start the installation for SSAS(Image - SSAS deployment wizard, Start).


    Image - SSAS deployment wizard, Start

  4. Click the browse button (three dots) and select the IMIS cubes database from the SSAS deployment package(Image - SSAS deployment wizard, Destination folder).

    Click next to continue with the installation.


    Image - SSAS deployment wizard, Destination folder

  5. If the database does not exist on the Analysis Server, the Analysis Service Deployment Wizard will automatically create the database IMIS Cubes otherwise the database will be overwritten !

    Click next to continue (Image - SSAS deployment wizard, Deploy IMIS cubes).


    Image - SSAS deployment wizard, Deploy IMIS cubes

  6. Specify options for partitions, roles and members according to the requirements.

    Click next to continue(Image - SSAS deployment wizard, Partitions & Roles).


    Image - SSAS deployment wizard, Partitions & Roles

  7. On the providers select box, choose SQL server Native client.
    • On the left side of the connection manager select connection.
    • Click the refresh button and select the instance name.
    • On the Log on to the server panel, provide username and Password for the instance selected.
    • Under the connect to a database panel select the IMIS_DW.
    • Verify the connection by clicking the Test Connection button.
    • Click OK to continue with the installation(Image - SSAS deployment wizard, SQL server).

    Image - SSAS deployment wizard, SQL server

  8. On the Select Processing Options window, select the appropriate option.

    Click next to continue with the deployment(Image - SSAS deployment wizard, Processing).


    Image - SSAS deployment wizard, Processing

  9. Confirm Deployment. If the deployment script is required, check the Create Deployment Script option and browse to the destination folder.

    Click next to continue(Image - SSAS deployment wizard, Finish).


    Image - SSAS deployment wizard, Finish

  10. Deploying Database

    Image - Database deployment wizard, Run


    Image - Database deployment wizard, Results