Function Enquire

The function Enquire is navigated to by clicking on the menu item Enquire in the main menu. The function Enquire provides a photo and information of insurance coverage of a specified insuree. A user must have a valid User Name and Password provided by an administrator of the web IMIS with an assigned role incorporating an access to the functionality Insurees and Familiies/Insurees/Enquire as an access to the functionality Enquire is guarded by the Login Page .


Image 2.2.1 (Claim Enquire function –Login Page)


Image 1.2.1 (Policy Enquire function –Login Page)

The User Name data field is pre-filled by the enrolment officer or claim admin code with which the installation has been launched. However, the User Name data field can re-written by any valid User Name. This principle is valid all other login pages of the IMIS Policies application. If the application successfully logs in the Enquire Page appears:


Image 2.2.2 (Claim Enquire Page)


Image 1.2.2 (Policy Enquire Page)

  • Insurance Number
Either type in the insurance number of the insuree for whom identification and coverage data are to be retrieved or obtain the insurance number by scanning of a QR code by clicking on the QR button.

Click on the button GO! for retrieving the identification and coverage data.

If the insuree with the insurance number has been already entered in the web IMIS the following data appear on the Enquiry Page :


Image 2.2.3 (Claim Enquiry Page-provided data on an insuree)


Image 1.2.3 (Policy Enquiry Page-provided data on an insuree)

  • Photo of the insuree if the photo has been stored in the web IMIS
  • Insurance Number
  • Insuree Name
  • Gender
  • Birth Date
For each policy by which the insuree is covered the following data are shown:
  • Insurance Product Code
  • Insurance Product Name
  • Expiry Date of the Policy
  • Status of the Policy
Click on the icon <- in the upper part of the Enquire Page to return to the Home Page .