Mobile Applications

User Manual – CHF-IMIS apps, relates to the versions 1.3.0 and newer (see the Remark)


The Insurance Management Information System (IMIS) is the web based software supporting running of health insurance schemes. It includes functionality for a setup to requirements of health insurance schemes, administration of policies and policyholders and for claim processing.

The web forms used in IMIS are not adjusted to small screens of mobile phones and this is one of reasons why IMIS provides applications on the Android platform that can be used effectively in the field for preparation and retrieving of data for/from the web IMIS. There are two applications available that provide essential functionality for enrolment officers (IMIS Policies) and for claim administrators (IMIS Claims).

Both applications allow autonomous preparation of data (enrolment and policy data by IMIS Policies and claim data by IMIS Claims) and their on-line or off-line transfer to/from web IMIS. Principally both applications can be used also in the environment with no or just occasional access to Internet.

This manual is a guide on the use and functionality of the software rather than in-depth technical reference. The Contents section, provide a reference to the page of each major chapter and the sub chapters within. By clicking on the content title (online version), the reader is re-directed to the position of the content title.

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